"We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words."

John Fowles

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when people barge into my room without asking…


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US defends Kuwait Airways discrimination against Israelis


The United States Secretary of Transportation is defending Kuwait Airways against charges of discrimination due to the airline’s refusal to carry Israelis on its non-stop New York - London route.

In late 2013, a formal complaint was filed with the U.S. Secretary of Transportation…

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"Don’t just tell me that you want me.
Show me.
Run your hands down my body and grab my hips.
Drag your lips across my neck and moan in my ear.
Push me down and hold my wrists tight.
Kiss me hard and fast, make me crave you.
Grab my thighs and do as you please.
Tease me slowly, make me catch my breath.
Look me in the eyes, smile that wonderful smile.
Make me moan and beg.
Whisper the dirty little things in the back of your mind.
I’m all yours, don’t be afraid to show it.
Slow down when my eyes roll back and kiss me.
Pull your body against mine.
Be as gentle or rough as you’d like, I don’t mind.
Make sure the neighbors know your name.
Leave some love marks, as the body is a canvas.
Do as I say, but sometimes don’t.
Whisper sweet nothings against my lips.
Make my body tremble for you.
Don’t just tell me that you want me.
Show me."

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